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About Us

GorJess Cakepops started in 2019, though at the time, there was no original intention of creating a business.  We started making them as a fun item to bring to a friend's dinner party.  They were such a hit that people started asking us to make cakepops for their families and friends.  Then came the special design requests...and things just took off from there.  

Zoom ahead to today and we are a steadily-growing business with a network of clients who bring us referrals that lead to new ideas and creations every day!  

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What We Do

We consult with you to fine-tune your cakepop idea to your "tastes".  Some orders are more simple, and can be placed through a standard order form.


 For the more deluxe designs that require more time, materials, and creativity, we have already-made ideas you can pick from, or we can work together to design your own specialty order!

We make cakepops for literally any occasion!  

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Orders For Any Occasion

We have created orders for so many different types of requests. Here are some of our more common and most memorable orders:



Baby Showers


Valentines Day

Mothers Day / Fathers Day

Thank you Health Care Heroes


Super Heroes

Cartoon, Movie, and Video Game Characters

4th of July

Nose Jobs

...and more all the time!

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Flowers and Stands Site Image.jpg

How To Order

We have items currently available on our Prodcuts page. If you would like to consult on a custom order, please contact us!

We think the best customer experience comes when we get a chance to chat about what kind of special order you'd like to place, and if you look at our galleries, well, you'll see...


We are so excited to create something delicious and spectacular for you!!  

Thank you for visiting our page!

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